East European University is a large and friendly family. Our students take an active part in different activities such as various contests, conferences and sports competitions to make their leisure time interesting and awesome. On their own initiative our students often organize different celebrations and events. It has become a tradition for our students to take part in different charity events. The students are always glad to help and make a contribution into solving social problems of Ukraine.

At the University there are lots of opportunities to enjoy music, theatre and dance. There is a Center of culture and leisure which tries to develop creative skills of the students. We are proud of our students. They are talented and creative. They can sing, dance, recite poetry and act like real actors.

The University sports club helps our students keep fit and healthy. At various times our University sports team has won in different competitions.

If you are fond of travelling University travel agency can offer you an itinerary on your own preference. Our students have already visited a lot of historical places of Ukraine and enjoyed the beauty of our country.

So, studying at the University you can complement your academic achievements by getting involved in a number of personal development activities and gain a range of skills.