The date of October 1992 is generally considered as East European University foundation. The founders were tasked with creating a new university in August-September. Thus, the first private higher educational institution was established in Cherkasy region, which at that time was under the name of Cherkasy branch of the Slavic International Institute of Management, Business and Law.

The necessary academic departments were formed, the first teachers and management staff were invited, and a director, Rauf Ablyazov, was appointed. The branch was renamed Cherkasy Institute of Business Management and officially registered later.

At the end of 1992, experienced professionals and teachers joined Cherkasy Institute of Business. They came to develop the institute despite the distrust of private universities at the time. These teachers have been working on the university’s image creation and recognition for 30 years and continue to teach students today. The university graduates who studied under their guidance are the best indicator of their work.

In early 1993-s the Institute became a higher education institution. It was during this period that the founders developed the first curricula approved by the Ministry of Education. It was planned to train specialists in such prestigious and leading specialties as market economy, management of organizations, office management, lawyers - business lawyers, business translators (English, German).

In 1995, Cherkasy Institute of Business was transformed into the Institute of Management. This name has long been attached to our institution, and even now, residents of the city know our institution as the Institute of Management, and the abbreviation CIM is on the coat of arms of our university.

Cherkasy Institute of Management underwent changes in 1994; and it was turned into Cherkasy Academy of Management, which was the successor to the Institute.

In 1994-1995, the Academy became the owner of the complex of buildings of the Training and Course Complex (TCC), having acquired and completely reconstructed them. The two-storey building with 100 classrooms was built on the site of the production workshops of TCC. The reconstruction made it possible to create a student café, a sports gym, a medical centre, a student theatre, a cloakroom and other facilities.

In 2004, the name of the university was changed to East European Institute of Economics and Management. We stood out among other universities because our institute was focused on the high quality of the educational process and research. Our goal is to train highly qualified specialists who will be able to work in a market economy based on innovative teaching methods.


The Institute has become an innovator in the use of video conferencing technologies. Due to its strong material and technical base, East European University has become a venue for Ukrainian and international conferences, training seminars and meetings of specialists from around the world.

After the death of the university’s founder, Rauf Ablyazov, the institution was named after him to honour the memory of the founder.

Today the history of Rauf Ablyazov East European University includes 30 years of fruitful work, thousands of graduates who glorify our institution both in Ukraine and abroad and dozens of teachers who are ready to continue to train highly qualified specialists.