The Student Council of Rauf Ablyazov East European University is the supreme body of student government the main responsibilities of which are to solve the ultimate issues of students, stimulate and develop good citizenship and democracy among students.

The Student Council is a link between students and University Authorities.

The main tasks of Student Council activities are:

  • to encourage educational, scientific and creative students’ activities;
  • to protect students’ rights;
  • to encourage  and coordinate mutual activities of the University students and the students from other higher educational establishments;
  • to organize and conduct various social and charity events;
  • to encourage students to take part in amateur talent groups, different concerts, contests, etc.;
  • to arrange students’ leisure time;
  • to promote healthy lifestyle;
  • to arrange sports events.

Student Council is the heart of University. Its mission is to draw students together, to help students to fulfill their dreams and hopes, to find gifted persons, to develop students’ leadership.