Founder of the University

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”


This idea spoken by Winston Churchill characterizes an active personality of Rauf Ahmetovich Ablyazov. He manages to perfect any business overcoming the obstacles and difficult situations.


All his life Rauf Ablyazov has set high standards for himself and tries to reach them. All his achievements would be enough for the whole staff.

But his every new success, his new development are not a subject for self-satisfaction. His new achievement becomes a new milestone in his life and inspires new ideas.

Rauf Ablyazov is a Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor, a member of the Ukrainian Academy of Science, a member of International Engineering Academy. In 2006 he was awarded the title of the Master of Science and Engineering of Ukraine. He has a lot of various honorary rewards for all his achievements. Among them are the Order of Saint Nicholas Thaumaturgus for the charity and the Order “Intelligence of the Nation” for high professional achievements and noticeable contribution into intellectual development of Ukrainian society.

Rauf Ablyazov was recognized not only within Ukraine but far beyond of our country. He became the member of the Club of Rectors of Europe and was awarded The Socrates Prize.

So what kind of person is he? Where can he get inspiration and energy for all his ideas?

He was born in 1935 in the village of Kamkino, Russia. He had to meet with the war. He knew the sorrow of that time. His character tempered during difficult postwar period. He faced pain, regret as well as joy and pleasure of the youth. He graduated from Gorky Polytechnic Institute. He started his working and scientific career as a junior constructor in Gorky, Russia (now Nizhny Novgorod). In the seventies he moved to Cherkasy and was appointed as a chief constructor of the construction department “Sokol”. He showed himself as a responsible, reliable, hardworking, broad-minded, decisive and ambitious person. All these features characterize a person who can run any business. So in 1986 he became a director of one of the most important and significant plant in Ukraine “Photopribor” that produced devices for aerospace industry. In spite of his work commitments he found time to improve the life of Cherkasy community. It was he who initiated the construction of the complex which included a polyclinic, a canteen and other social facilities needed for Cherkasy inhabitants.

His great figure and leadership skills always draw attention and excite general admiration. He manages to find like-minded people who help him live out a dream. In 1992 willing to create an alternative higher educational institution, a group of progressive scientists united their forces to achieve the common purpose. Having broad experience of work at a higher educational institution and wide experience of practical activity they became the founders of the first private higher educational institution in Cherkasy. They tried to form the concept of the higher educational institution of a new type and chose the most prestigious specialties and worked out curricula to train professionals for developing economics of Ukraine. Today East European University of Economics and Management is a large multifunctional higher educational institution with excellent prospects for further development.

To work with such a person is both a great piece of luck and a great piece of work. The awareness that you work with him requires being at the best, constantly cultivate the abilities and keep up with the times. One can gain a great experience to work under the guidance of Rauf Ablyazov. Such features of Rauf Ablyazov as far-sightedness, wisdom, the feeling of novelty always encourage people working with him to achieve much success in all their projects.